Date: 18 - 19 June 2024 | Venue: etc.venues | Address: St Paul's 200 Aldersgate St, London



AI Hardware and Edge AI Summit comes to Europe!


EdgeCortix CEO and Founder Sakya Dasgupta will share the latest innovations in Edge AI solutions


Tuesday, June 18th 14:30

Dr. Dasgupta will present “Energy-Efficient Semiconductors for Al at the Edge, in the Age of Large Language Models”, where he will discuss how EdgeCortix is driving energy-efficiency for Edge AI.


Date: 18 June - 19 June 2024
Venue: etc.venues
Address: St Paul's 200 Aldersgate St, London


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CEO Sakya Dasgupta will discuss challenges in the Edge AI market and will highlight how our new SAKURA-II Platform addresses these concerns.

Engineered to tackle challenging Generative AI tasks and designed for flexibility and power efficiency, SAKURA®-II empowers users to seamlessly manage a wide range of complex tasks at the edge. Featuring low latency, best-in-class memory bandwidth, high accuracy, and compact form factors, SAKURA-II delivers unparalleled performance and cost-efficiency across the diverse spectrum of edge AI applications. SAKURA-II can deliver up to 60 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of effective 8-bit integer performance and 30 trillion 16-bit brain floating-point operations per second (TFLOPS), while also supporting built-in mixed precision for handling the rigorous demands of next-generation AI tasks. Interested in joining the next wave of efficient AI inferencing at the edge?

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Sakya Dasgupta, PhD.
Founder & Chief
Executive Officer

EC-Press Relesese-Jeff Grossman

Jeffrey H. Grosman
Executive VP of Marketing
& US Operations


Business Overview:

Delivering Energy Efficient Edge Based AI Acceleration