Breaking the limits in AI processors and edge AI inference acceleration

Where AI inference acceleration needs it all – more TOPS, lower latency, better area and power efficiency and scalability – EdgeCortix AI processor cores make it happen.


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Watch Sakyasingha Dasgupta Founder & CEO discuss "Building a Best-in-Class Artificial Intelligence Processor" @ CadenceLive Japan 2023


Watch Sakyasingha Dasgupta Founder & CEO discuss "Building a Best-in-Class Artificial Intelligence Processor" @ CadenceLive Japan 2023


A software-first approach to edge AI processing

General-purpose processing cores - CPUs and GPUs - provide developers with flexibility for most applications. However, these general purpose cores don’t match up well with workloads found in deep neural networks. EdgeCortix began with a mission in mind: redefining edge AI processing from the ground up.

With EdgeCortix technology including a full-stack AI inference software development environment, run-time reconfigurable edge AI inference IP, and edge AI chips for boards and systems, designers can deploy near cloud-level AI performance at the edge. Think about what that can do for these and other applications.

Finding threats, raising situational awareness, and making vehicles smarter
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Robotics & Drones
Improving flexibility, reducing time-to-productivity, and simplifying programming
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Smart Manufacturing
Creating breakthroughs in configurability, efficiency, accuracy, and quality
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Smart Cities
Keeping people and vehicles flowing, saving energy, enhancing safety and security
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Automotive Sensing
Helping drivers see their surroundings, avoid hazards, and ease into self-driving vehicles
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It’s time for better edge AI hardware, IP, and software technology

EdgeCortix MERA is a compiler and AI inference software framework translating models into code for an edge AI co-processor

EdgeCortix MERA: Software framework for modeling and co-processor core management

For full-stack AI inference applications, the MERA compiler and software framework translates AI models into code for an edge AI co-processor and a host CPU.

  • Native support for PyTorch, TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite, and ONNX
  • INT8 quantization of user-defined and community AI inference models
  • Pre-trained segmentation, detection, point cloud, and more applications

Dynamic Neural Accelerator: Run-time reconfigurable neural network IP for AI processors

Modular and fully run-time configurable, the Dynamic Neural Accelerator is an AI processor core for edge inference acceleration.

  • Inference/sec/watt of 16x vs conventional GPU-based hardware
  • Scales from 1024 to 32768 MACs in three types of math units
  • Dynamic grouping handles workloads with +80% utilization
EdgeCortix Dynamic Neural Accelerator IP is run-time reconfigurable with high efficiency, low latency, and high utilization
EdgeCortix Sakura-I AI Co-Processor

Meet SAKURA-I our Industry Leading AI Co-processor

EdgeCortix SAKURA PCIe Dev Card expands a host system with a powerful, yet efficient edge AI chip delivering 40 TOPS

EdgeCortix SAKURA-I: ASIC for fast, efficient AI inference acceleration in boards and systems

The SAKURA-I Edge AI Co-Processor is an advanced design for a high-performance AI inference engine that connects easily into a host system.

  • Built in TSMC 12nm FinFET, 40 TOPS @ 800 MHz, TDP of 10W
  • Extended life cycle availability needed for defense and industrial
  • PCIe Gen 3 interface; can connect up to 5 together for 200 TOPS
Improving the performance and the energy efficiency of our network infrastructure is a major challenge for the future. Our expectation of EdgeCortix is to be a partner who can provide both the IP and expertise that is needed to tackle these challenges simultaneously."
Ryuji Wakikawa
Head, Research Institute of Advanced Technology at SoftBank Corp