Briefs and Presentations

Explore EdgeCortix's presentations and briefs detailing our products and technology. Discover how our Edge AI solutions and low-latency inference capabilities are reshaping industries.


Pioneering the Future of Connected Intelligent Edge

This presentation will expand upon the business and technology considerations at the cross-roads of Edge AI and modern defense.

EdgeCortix Sakura-I Brief

EdgeCortix SAKURA-I Edge AI Accelerator

EdgeCortix SAKURA-I is a TSMC 12nm FinFET co-processor delivering efficient compute and low latency for edge AI inference.


EdgeCortix Business Overview

Delivering Energy Efficient Edge Based Artificial Intelligence (AI) Acceleration.

BittWare Partner Framework Datasheet

BittWare Partner Framework

Delivering Energy Efficient Edge Based Artificial Intelligence (AI) Acceleration, discover high-efficiency inference using standard ML frameworks.

EdgeCortix DSEI Japan 2023

EdgeCortix DSEI Japan 2023: Edge AI Reshaping the Battlefield

In this presentation, two industry experts provide their thoughts, including lessons learned from the battlefield in Ukraine.

SAKURA-I PCIe Low Profile Development Card

EdgeCortix SAKURA-I is available on a PCIe Low Profile development card, ready to drop into a host for software development and AI model inference tasks.