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AI Hardware Summit: Software, the Elephant in the Room for Edge-AI Hardware Acceleration

Sakyasingha Dasgupta, Founder and CEO, EdgeCortix
Mike Demler, Semiconductor Technology Analyst

EdgeCortix: Energy-Efficient, Reconfigurable and Scalable AI Inference Accelerator for Edge Devices

Presenter: Hamid Reza Zohouri
Director of Product, AI Hardware Accelerator
EdgeCortix, Inc.

EdgeCortix Dynamic Neural Accelerator-F-Series and MERA compiler Product Demo

Presenter: Hamid R. Zohouri
Director of Product, EdgeCortix
Presented at the Edge AI and Vision Alliance organized Innovation Forum Q1 2021

Dynamic Neural Accelerator® Bitstream & MERA™ Compiler for Low Latency Deep Neural Network Inference

Presenters: Nikolay Nez & Naoki Shibuya
AI Hardware Accelerator Division
Edgecortix, Inc.

EdgeCortix Efficient Edge Intelligence: Breaking Down Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

Presenter: Dr Sakya Dasgupta
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Edgecortix, Inc.