Presentation: An Integrated Hardware & Software Edge Platform For Energy-efficient AI Acceleration

The challenges to creating an energy and cost-efficient solution for processing AI workloads at the edge is now changing how companies design and build chips.

In this talk, EdgeCortix CEO & Founder Sakyasingha Dasgupta discusses three key challenges that need to be solved or embraced to enable efficient edge processing with new hardware & software architectures.

These challenges include:

  • Software 2.0: Shifting the programming paradigm and embracing Software 2.0 as a methodology.
  • Moore’s Law: Understanding how AI demand is exceeding Moore’s Law on an exponential basis.
  • Energy Efficiency: Delivering orders of magnitude better energy efficiency, in conjunction, with improved performance / throughput.

Solving these challenges combine to perform a key role in delivering a high performance, low power processing solution to the Edge, which in turn delivers meaningful business value to you and your end customers.