Keynote Presentation: CadenceLive Japan 2023

Building a Best-in-Class Artificial Intelligence Processor: Bridging the Software & Hardware Divide

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) applications requires high-performance and energy-efficient processors that can handle complex and diverse tasks.

However, there is often a mismatch between the software and hardware aspects of AI, which hinders the full potential of AI solutions.

In this presentation, we will:

  • Present our approach to overcoming this challenge by designing a best-in-class, energy-efficient AI processor platform that can scale across applications of computer vision, natural language processing, and Generative AI.
  • Review how our proprietary compiler technology and flexible processor architecture enable a seamless integration of software and hardware that results in more than 10X better AI acceleration.
  • Demonstrate use cases & benefits of using such processors for edge computing, especially for applications that need high computation & low power consumption, and discuss future trends of edge AI.

CadenceLive Japan 2023 is available on-demand here.