Innovation Leaders Summit Presentation featuring EdgeCortix CEO Sakya Dasgupta

Sakya Dasgupta, Founder & CEO of EdgeCortix, presented at the ILS Innovation Leaders Summit 2023 about our company's mission to bring high-performance and energy-efficient edge computing solutions to Edge AI applications.

EdgeCortix achieves this through a unique software-first approach, integrating software and hardware solutions in a single platform called an Edge AI Platform. EdgeCortix is addressing the challenge of processing increasingly complex AI algorithms in edge environments with size, weight, and power limitations.

We combine three product pillars for a complete solution: Our patented Dynamic Neural Accelerator (DNA) inference IP engine, MERA, a software and compiler framework that can integrate multiple hardware platforms from third-party semiconductor companies, and SAKURA-I, a low-power, high-performance semiconductor device solution offering competitive AI inference performance at lower price points and power consumption than GPUs.

EdgeCortix is now working on a next-generation product that will support edge AI applications, including vision, generative AI, and efficient language models, all within a small form-factor package with excellent AI inference performance, low power consumption, and competitive pricing.