EdgeCortix presents at the Macquarie Global AI Conference November 2023

Macquarie hosted a Global AI Conference in November 2023, with AI experts from five core countries including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the US and China.

Participants discussed up-to-date technology roadmaps for AI hardware and the best software applications in commerce, medical devices, advertisement, financials, business administration, writing, and many more.

See EdgeCortix's presentation on:
"Building Best-In-Class Artificial Intelligence Processor: Bridging the Software & Hardware Divide".

  • Explore the Key Challenges that exist today in the AI Ecosystem and how EdgeCortix is solving them.
  • Learn how our Customers are Realizing Business Value through the EdgeCortix Power-Efficient EdgeAI Platform.
  • Explore the Co-Design Principals for Power-Efficient Processors.
  • Learn how costs can be reduced by bringing High-Performance, Low-Power Processing to the Edge.



Sakyasingha Dasgupta, PhD.
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, EdgeCortix



Damian Thong
Division Director,
Senior Research Analyst, Macquarie