EdgeCortix DSEI Japan 2023: Edge AI Reshaping the Battlefield

Modern Warfare & Japan’s Path Forward in AI

Unmanned systems in the air, on and under the sea, and on the ground change modern warfare capability in many ways. The number of observe-orient-decide-act (OODA) loops is growing, and the speed and precision required to connect them place new burdens on edge computing - including edge AI reshaping the battlefield.

Moving AI out of the cloud and into smaller platforms will require new hardware and software technologies and new ways of applying them in mission-critical scenarios. SWaP-C leads the list of concerns, along with AI efficiency, heterogeneity, and software development and deployment. 

In this presentation, two industry experts provide their thoughts, including lessons learned from the battlefield in Ukraine:

  • Dr. Tomoyuki Furutani, Faculty of Policy Management and the head of the Drone Social Co-Creation Consortium at Keio University
  • Stanley Crow, EdgeCortix’s SVP of Defense and Space Technology

Conflict deterrence and de-escalation need rethinking in a new mix of autonomous systems with AI. Also required are new plans for the Japanese defense ecosystem - academia, government, and industry - to work together on AI-enabled projects such as drones, cybersecurity, surveillance, and more. See what’s ahead for edge AI in defense.

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