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Linley Group: Software Is Critical to Edge AI Deployment

The importance of a flexible and robust software stack to edge AI deployment.

Renowned semiconductor industry analysts The Linley Group Microprocessor Report titled "Software Is Critical to Edge-AI Deployment", concludes that EdgeCortix's . EdgeCortix’s hardware+software platform is a complete edge-AI solution well suited to industrial, defense, retail, and smart-city-infrastructure systems.

This white paper describes the importance of a flexible and robust software stack to edge-AI deployment. Processor vendors and intellectual-property licensers often tout the theoretical performance of their designs, but the neural-network compiler, run-time engine, and scheduler are just as critical to realizing that potential in production systems.

Because edge-AI devices have a vast range of performance and power requirements, choosing an accelerator that can support the different workloads and deliver the required throughput on popular computer-vision models can be a challenge. But the edge-AI software stack can be even trickier, because it must include a compiler capable of optimizing diverse pretrained models to achieve peak hardware utilization in different target devices...

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