EdgeCortix’s Early Access Program (EAP)

Be among the first to sample and test new AI inference products

Ready to create the next breakthrough in edge AI inference? If you’re at a company working on an innovative application accelerated by AI, and you’re willing to go hands-on and provide performance and user experience feedback on current and pre-release products communicating directly with EdgeCortix teams, consider applying for participation in our EAP. Your feedback translates into better products, which you can then use to accelerate your business outcomes.

We’ll team with companies for insights on AI inference software, hardware IP, or FPGA acceleration.

What would you get from participating in the Early Access Program?

An opportunity to assess pre-release EdgeCortix products with your application
Direct dialog with EdgeCortix product management and development teams
Influence features, ease of use, and potential additions to our roadmaps

EdgeCortix’s EAP is by invitation only - only select applicants will qualify. To be considered for membership, please answer a few questions about your business, workflow, and objectives.