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Dr. Sakyasingha Dasgupta

Dr. Sakyasingha Dasgupta is the founder and CEO of EdgeCortix group companies. He is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologist, entrepreneur, and engineer with over a decade of experience in taking cutting edge AI research from ideation stage to scalable products, across different industry verticals. Having lead teams at global companies like Microsoft and IBM Research / IBM Japan, along with national research labs like RIKEN Japan and Max Planck Institute Germany; in his more recent roles prior to founding EdgeCortix, he helped establish and lead the technology division at lean startups in Japan and Singapore, in semiconductor technology, robotics & autonomous vehicles and Fintech sectors. After spending more than a decade in research and development in diverse areas like, brain inspired computing, robotics, computer vision, AI acceleration on semiconductors, wearable devices, internet of things, machine learning in finance and healthcare, Sakya founded EdgeCortix in 2019, as a fabless semiconductor design company focused on enabling energy-efficient edge intelligence. EdgeCortix has its R&D headquarters and semiconductor design team based in Tokyo, Japan, working on the radical idea of taking a software first approach, while designing an AI specific reconfigurable processor from the ground up using a patented technique called "hardware & software co-exploration". Targeting advanced computer vision applications first, using software IP on existing processors like FPGAs and custom ASIC design, EdgeCortix is positively disrupting the rapidly growing AI semiconductor space across defense, security, aerospace, smart cities, industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles and robotics. Sakya holds a PhD. in Physics of Complex Systems from the Max Planck Institute in Germany, along with Masters in Artificial Intelligence from The University of Edinburgh, U.K. Prior to founding EdgeCortix he also completed his entrepreneurship studies from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He holds over 20 patents worldwide and his research has garnered over 1000 citations.