EdgeCortix partners with Bittware to deliver high performance, low latency AI acceleration solution for Intel Agilex FPGAs

New offering delivers up-to a 7X performance advantage compared to competing FPGA boards for streaming and high-resolution data.

ARLINGTON, Va., April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- EdgeCortix® Inc., the innovative next generation fabless semiconductor design company with a software first approach, focused on delivering class-leading efficiency and latency for artificial intelligence (AI) inference, announces a new product offering and market launch with BittWare, a Molex company, leveraging BittWare's IA-Series of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) accelerators featuring Intel Agilex F-Series FPGAs.

Fig. Comparing the inference performance of EdgeCortix DNA infused Agilex FPGAs vs. baseline of native AI acceleration IP on non-Intel FPGA and leading GPU (70W TDP), for state-of-the-art object detection. Baseline (Yolov3) uses solution that runs at 333 MHz on non-intel FPGA. DNA-400 and DNA-800 are new Agilex optimized IP from EdgeCortix at 400 MHz. All numbers at batch size 1. * Yolov5 did not run natively on non-intel FPGA. ** DNA-400 results are projected performance *** GPU on AWS g4dn.2xlarge


As an initial phase to its participation in the recently announced BittWare Partner Program, EdgeCortix is embedding its proprietary Dynamic Neural Accelerator® (DNA) Intellectual Property (IP) into BittWare's IA-420F and IA-840F enterprise-class Agilex F-Series based FPGA Accelerator Cards, creating a high performance, low-latency inference solution using standard machine learning frameworks. EdgeCortix DNA, is a flexible IP core for deep learning inference with up to 20 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of dedicated AI compute capability, low latency, and scalable inference engines, specially optimized for streaming (low batch sizes) and high-resolution data. DNA IP core in combination with EdgeCortix MERATM compiler software framework, enables seamless acceleration of today's increasingly complex and compute intensive AI workloads on 2nd generation HyperFlex architecture-based Agilex FPGAs.

"We are excited to bring the power of EdgeCortix's Dynamic Neural Accelerator IP to Agilex FPGAs through the new BittWare Partner Program," said Sakyasingha Dasgupta, Founder and CEO of EdgeCortix.  "It's a game changer on multiple levels in the AI acceleration market. Together with BittWare, we are delivering a complete solution from servers to edge boxes that can be used as 'drop-in' replacements for CPUs or GPUs. From an end customer perspective, deploying the AI inference applications requires no FPGA programming experience, and the solutions are easily accessible to software and machine learning engineers using standard frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow and ONNX. From a performance perspective these new solutions deliver significantly lower inference latency on streaming data with up-to a 7X performance advantage compared to competing FPGA board offerings."


"With the unprecedented growth of AI/Machine learning workloads across industries, the solution we're delivering with leading IP provider EdgeCortix complements BittWare's Intel Agilex FPGA-based product portfolio," said Craig Petrie, VP, Sales and Marketing at BittWare. "Our customers have been searching for this level of AI inferencing solution to increase performance while lowering risk and cost across a multitude of business needs both today and in the future."


For more detailed information regarding the BittWare IA-840F and the IA420F cards powered by EdgeCortix® Dynamic Neural Accelerator® or for ordering starting today, please consult BittWare's website (https://www.bittware.com/ip-solutions/edgecortix-dynamic-neural-accelerator/).

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