Semiconductor Industry Expert, Former MegaChips Corporation CEO Joins the EdgeCortix Board of Directors

TOKYO, April 1, 2024 -- EdgeCortix, the Japan-based fabless semiconductor company focused on energy-efficient AI processing, announced today that former MegaChips CEO and current Board of Directors member of SiTime, Akira Takata has joined the EdgeCortix Board of Directors.

“Over the past two years, Akira Takata’s role as an advisor at EdgeCortix has been instrumental, offering strategic guidance that has touched many facets of our global semiconductor and business operations," said Sakyasingha Dasgupta, CEO and Founder of EdgeCortix. “I am excited to deepen Takata-san’s involvement in our company by appointing him to our Board of Directors. With this significant transition, I know that EdgeCortix will benefit from his expertise, which he acquired while transforming MegaChips Corporation into a dynamic, growth-oriented global semiconductor leader.”

Akira-Takata-2024Mr. Takata currently serves on the Board of Directors of SiTime, the market leader in the MEMS based precision timing market. Previously, he was the President and CEO of MegaChips Corporation, from 2011 to 2019, the second largest fabless semiconductor company based in Japan. During his three-decade tenure at MegaChips, Mr. Takata ascended the ranks of the company, from a member of the MegaChips founding team, through various senior positions, including director of Business Unit, director of production management, officer of alliance strategy office and officer of business strategy office, ultimately to the role of CEO. During his tenure, he facilitated the transformation of the company from a largely Japan focused business into a leading, global fabless semiconductor company. From 2014 to 2019, Mr. Takata also served on the Board of Directors of Global Semiconductor Alliance, a leading Semiconductor industry organization.

Previously, Mr. Takata served as the Semiconductor Sector Advisor on the EdgeCortix Strategic Advisory Board (ESAB). The ESAB was created as a platform to enable exceptional business and thought leaders to provide EdgeCortix with guidance on core business and market strategies and product go-to-market initiatives based on their respective and unique areas of expertise.

“I am thrilled to join the EdgeCortix Board of Directors at this pivotal time. We find ourselves at a critical juncture of growth for both the company and the industry, driven by the explosive adoption of both traditional and Generative-AI applications. End-users are now recognizing that for high-speed, energy efficient, and secure execution of these applications, in many ways the edge environment surpasses traditional data centers,” said Akira Takata. “My experience with the company has left a profound impression, and I am confident that EdgeCortix possesses all the essential elements for success. The ‘software-first’ approach and groundbreaking design of the EdgeCortix neural processing engines inspire my anticipation of making a significant impact going forward as a member of the Board of Directors.”

About EdgeCortix

Pioneering the future of the connected intelligent edge, EdgeCortix was founded in 2019 with R&D headquarters in Tokyo, Japan as a fabless semiconductor company focused on energy-efficient AI processing. Taking a software-first approach, EdgeCortix patented its “hardware and software co-exploration,” system, using it to design an artificial intelligence specific runtime reconfigurable processor from the ground up. Shipping its software and hardware products to customers globally, the company is geared towards positively disrupting the rapidly growing edge AI hardware space across defense, aerospace, smart cities, industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles and robotics. www.edgecortix.com

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